Is Your Watch Tough?

Is Your Watch Tough?

Americans like everything built tough — from our pickup trucks, our handguns, power racks, and even our smartphone cases, we like that sense of security knowing that our most prized possessions can also take a beating. If that’s the case, why are so many people rocking plastic, shatter-prone, practically break if you look at it the wrong way, watches?

When we started Gear'd Hardware, we wanted to design tough watches that not only looked it but could also take a beating and still come back for more. A watch is one of a man's most prized possessions and for centuries has stood by a man's side to make sure he is making the most of every second of his short time on earth. What good is a watch that backs down at the first sign of trouble?

You can literally run a Gear’d watch over with a car. You can slam it against a wall. You can toss it down a flight of stairs. The point is, Gear’d timepieces are made to stand up to the everyday struggles of life (some struggles tougher than others) while also remaining strong enough to fight on another day.

We use high-quality, durable components in our timepieces, most notably our sapphire crystal lens that is strong enough to take a beating while remaining crystal clear. We utilize stainless steel casings for our watches along with a crown that is as bold as it is tough.

So, I leave you with this: Is your watch as strong as you? If you rock a wimpy timepiece and you still answered yes, well I suggest you consider you go on a strict diet of iron and pain. For the strong men left that think their watch isn't as strong as them, why don't you consider stepping up to a big boy watch that will have your back wherever you go?

What kind of bumps and bruises do you encounter in your everyday life? Whether you're a bodybuilder, construction worker, or an Average Joe, I'd like to know. Let me know in the comments, and I'll send out some free Gear to my favourite response.


Matthew Lane

Blogger / Community Manager

Fellow Gear’d Head


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