A watch is a silent statement about who you are, and what's important to you. And let's face it, your old watch doesn't do you justice. So we fixed that.

Gear'd Hardware has a mission: To make your watch as Tough, BOLD, and Badass as you are. 


 You deserve a timepiece that you can put through anything from water and weather, to gunpowder and grit with confidence. That’s why we set out to design and build a great quality watch that could stand the test of time.  

With our gear, you can fearlessly take the time with you, no matter what you take on. Let your pathetically fragile cell phone stay behind where it’s safe.

We believe your rugged lifestyle requires equally tough gear and delicate smartphones don’t make the cut.  

But TOUGH isn’t enough... you need style. 


All of our Gear’d Hardware has signature touches of attitude guaranteed to produce compliments from perfect strangers and turn heads wherever you go.

Seriously, just take a look at our reviews

Are you tired of watches that are too small, too clean, made for the pretty boys, or so fancy they break when you breathe on them wrong? You know the ones we are talking about... We bet you’ve worn a few.  

And have you seen those watches that are so big it’s like strapping a wall clock to your wrist with a belt? That's just wrong... 

You need a timepiece that's just as bold as you. It should demand the attention you want and keep up with your lifestyle.



Gear’d Hardware builds watches that are made to last. Our lifetime warranty ensures that you can live life like a badass and look amazing doing it. Whether you are an athlete, soldier, driver, rider, or baller, we have the right gear for you. 

We have made it a mission to reinvent the watch with as much class and quality that we could pack into its sexy frame both inside and out. We won’t tell your girlfriend it could replace her (but it really could). If you’re ready to pick your next best friend, a tough as nails sidekick that you can depend on, feast your eyes on our bold selection.  


At Gear’d Hardware, we believe that if you are going to do something, you need to do it right every time.

When we build our watches, we don't skip the small details:

  • Sapphire glass crystal to protect that beautiful face.
  • 50mm and 44mm cases that aren’t afraid to make a statement… Statements like “Wow, nice watch!” not “Holy shit, what is that thing?”
  • Interchangeable bands to match your badass style and personality
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof. If you were to jump into the shower and forget to take it off, it will keep ticking. But why would you take a shower with your watch on? 
  • Models to suit every need:
    • Lean and clean analogs with luminous hands.
    • Thick analog watches with digital features including stopwatch, alarm, date, day, and of course time! 


Hi, I’m Kris, founder of Gear’d Hardware. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for watches. I collected them and received them as gifts. But none of them really felt right. If they were durable, they weren’t very attractive. If the timepiece was stylish, it was too dainty. Some were HUGE, others were ridiculously small. Even though I had over 50 different watches, I couldn’t find “the right one.” 

As a successful entrepreneur of 15 years, I knew I could do better. 
Designing a watch that looked, felt, and fit perfectly became my mission. 

I’m a horsepower addict, I love to lift, and I’m an absolute gun lover - the right watch had to match my lifestyle. That is where the inspiration for Gear’d Hardware was born. I wear these watches everyday and love them. Now, I want to share it with the rest of the world. Push the limits and look badass doing it.

Join us in our movement.
Do Cool Shit

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