Do you have guts to run your over the watches in your collection? If not, they don’t have the right to be on your wrist.

Our beliefs are simple, we do cool sh*t. How we do anything is how we do everything. We demand style, attitude and substance in one package, form and function.

Style. We do sh*t that gets noticed. Compliments will come. That’s the byproduct. From holding a whiskey glass to secure gun grip to gripping a steering wheel of a 1000hp beast, we make sure your wrist is Gear’d up for all occasions.

Attitude. It’s everything. Confidence. The ultimate sign of cool. Boldness,  it’s what defines us. Throw around heavy ass weights, drive muscle cars down the drag strip, fire lead down range, do wheelies on your motorcycle, whatever cool shit you do, we will be with you.

Substance. Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. A quality watch should feel like a quality watch, it should feel like it can take a punch. When you put it on, it should feel like a real watch, and not a toy. Every Gear’d Hardware product has heft behind it, so on the rare occasion you pass your watch to your friend to hold, they won’t be asking where the rest of it is. Also, tell them to get their own.