Top 5 Must-Have Motorcycle Tools

Top 5 Must-Have Motorcycle Tools

Every motorcycle rider needs to have at least some basic tools with him or her. These tools will come handy if you in time decide to go on a long road trip. Listed below are 5 most important must-have tools for every motorcycle rider.


When you are purchasing any tools like a screwdriver, wrench or a plier, always buy good quality ones as these can last you a lifetime. Screwdrivers come in different sizes and types. Buying a screwdriver is a must. There are many parts in a bike that needs to be removed like a panel or a case so that it could be cleaned well. For a beginner, I would recommend purchasing a cross-head screwdriver which comes with replaceable tips. You can also invest in an impact screwdriver. It has a strong impact on the screw and they are perfect for crosshead engine casing screws.

You should buy screwdrivers as a set rather than individually as it would cost you more. Also while choosing screwdrivers, you must purchase good quality ones. Always invest in good quality screwdrivers as they are used to handle important parts of the bike. If a cross-head screwdriver has a damaged tip, it will damage the head of the screws you use it on.


Pliers are important and very useful tools to purchase. You can use them to tighten, cut, fasten and grip any bolts, wires or screws. There are many kinds of pliers that you will find in the market. Combination pliers are multipurpose. They can be very useful for cutting wires of any sizes available and gripping certain motorcycle parts tightly during servicing. If the handle of the plier is long, its usage is that effective. Needle nose pliers can go in small spaces in the motorcycle. The beauty of tongue and groove pliers is that its jaw can be adjusted depending on the size of the item that needs to be handled.

Torque Wrench

This wrench is used mainly for tightening nuts and bolts. This is an important tool for not only small basic work on your motorcycle but also for full servicing. It will tighten things up to the level it's needed. Purchasing an automotive torque wrench is the best choice. It has its own preset setting with regards to the amount of force that needs to be applied. Once the work is done, it will stop itself with a pop or click. Every bolt and screw has its specification for the torque to do its tightening. A torque wrench should be used only for making things tight rather than loosening. You can check some of the top-rated torque wrenches in the market and decide on the one for you.

It is a must to own a set of wrenches of all different sizes. A wrench has a ring and a bolt side to it. Bolts and nuts come in all sizes and shapes which are standard in the market.

Motorcycle Stands

The motorcycle stand is made of metal. In the market nowadays you will get stands either for the front wheels, rear wheels or even for both. The stand also comes with an attached handle so you can accordingly adjust the height of the motorbike while you are cleaning or servicing the bike.

If your motorbike does not come with a center stand, then it is a must to invest in a motorbike stand. Motorcycle stands are very important. It keeps your bike hoisted up and makes it easy for you to clean and repair all the exposed areas of the bike. It is advised to purchase a stand which is light and easily foldable to carry around. This is a must-have tool for all beginners and professionals.

Tire Pressure Gauge

It is very important to check the pressure level in both the tires frequently. Both the tires need to have the correct pressure level else it can be fatal to the rider. You should purchase a really good pressure gauge. Every motorbike manual will have the recommended pressure level the tires need to have. One of the most popular pressure gauges in the market is the Motion Pro Pressure Gauge. If in case the air in the tires is more, this gauge has an easy to bleed valve which can be used to drain the excess air pressure.

There are many YouTube video tutorials which guide you and give you tips on the tools you can buy, how to maintain and take care of your motorcycle. My advice is to follow your bike's handbook and make yourself familiar with the parts of the vehicle properly before you start the servicing process. You should also make sure that you set up a good garage wall system to organize the tools.

Give your bike for servicing at least once a year and take good care of the bike. I would recommend purchasing a portable toolbox to keep all the most needed wrenches, screwdrivers or pliers so that even if you are going on a trip you can carry all the necessary tools with you.

All the above-mentioned tools need to be taken good care off and well preserved from moisture and rust. WD40 is known to be an excellent protective chemical agent that prevents corrosion. You can spray this on the tools and safely stash them away. While driving your bike if you find there is something wrong, do go to a professional if you are not able to figure out the issue. Keep your bike manual with you at all times for any support.

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