How to Use Your Gear’d Hardware Timepiece

  1. Raise your wrist to a distance that allows you to view the face of your watch.
  2. Read the numbers and deduce the time and date.
  3. You’re done!

If only it was that easy, right? Well, it’s not much harder, I promise. I’m sure you are here because you want to set the damn time and you can’t figure that shit out. Life is complicated enough, you don’t need your gear to be too. That’s why we made these simple directions for your reading pleasure. 

Unless you don’t like that case, suck it up. We can’t do everything for you. Okay, we might have a video.

What Type of Watch Do You Have?

Although the appearance of our watches may be varied, we only have two types: 

  • Analog (mechanical)
  • Analog with Digital Features

If you own our Panther, Tank, or McQueen, you will need our Analog Instructions.

If you have the Stealth, Juggernaut, or Rambo, we have Analog/Digital Instructions.

Analog Timepiece Directions

Before we get started, you need to memorize three parts: 

  • The Crown 
  • The Start Button 
  • The Stop Button

Easy right?

To use the stopwatch function: Simply push start and stop, as you would with any stopwatch. To reset, hit stop twice. 

To set the watch time and date: 

  1. Pull the crown halfway out. (The numbers in the small white box will move NOT the hands.) 
  2. Rotate it until the box displays yesterday’s date. 
  3. Pull the crown out a little more. 
  4. Rotate it so that the dial moves clockwise until it passes midnight and the date changes to today’s date. (Pay attention! You might pass 12 once or twice! It’s a gamble. Make a bet and take your chances.)
  5. Once your date is correct, if your current time is in the AM, set it and forget it.
  6. If your current time is PM, rotate clockwise past 12 one more time and THEN set your time.

Note: You will need to reset the date and time on the first of any month that has less than 31 days. 

That’s it! Congratulations! You know how to use your analog watch. Now go out into the world and take on every challenge you face with confidence that you will do it on time while lookin’ good. 

Analog/Digital Timepiece Directions

Digital watches are usually universal with the way they work. If you have ever owned a digital watch in the past, our Gear’d Hardware watches with digital features will function exactly the same

If this is your first digital watch, then we got you covered! Read on and we will get you Gear’d up in no time!

Take a look at your watch. See the crown? (Psst! That’s the turnable thingy on the right. See diagram above.) It sets the analog time. By pulling that out gently and rotating it, you can move the hands of the watch. Press it back in when you want your watch to start ticking again. 

Now let’s talk about digital features. For simplicity, each button is numbered clockwise with Button 1 nearest the one o’clock hour. They are labeled on the watch’s face as (1) “Start”, (2) “Reset”, (3) “Mode”, and (4) “Light”.

To use the stopwatch function: 

  1. Push (3) “Mode” once to enter the stopwatch function.
  2. Push (1) “Start” once to start and again to stop. 
  3. To reset, hit (2) “Reset” twice. 

For multiple timed recordings: 

Instead of pushing (1) “Start” use (2) “Reset” to record every new lap and (2) “Reset" again to display the timer again. 

Push (1) “Start” and then (2) “Reset” to zero out the display after using the multiple lap function.

To set the time: 

  1. Push (3) “Mode” three times.
  2. Push (2) “Reset” 
    1. once to set the hour
    2. Twice to set the minutes
    3. Three times to set the month
    4. Four times to set the date
    5. Five times to set the day of the week.
    6. Six times + (1) "Start" to zero out the seconds if you want to synchronize it perfectly.
  3. Push (1) “Start” to change the area you have selected.
  4. Push (2) “Reset” to move through each option until your watch is on time. 
  5. Push (3) “Mode” when you’re finished.

To set the 12/24 hour clock system options:

For the Rambo model:

  1. Push (1) “Start” once to toggle between modes. 

For the Juggernaut and Stealth models:

  1. When setting the time, run through all of the hours and the watch will automatically switch to a 24 hour clock after passing “12” a 2nd time.

To turn on/off the alarm and hourly chime:

  1. Push (3) “Mode” twice.
  2. Push (1) “Start”
    1. Once to enable the alarm
    2. Twice to enable the chime
    3. Three times to enable both
    4. Four times to disable both

You will see tiny indicators pop up on the bottom of the display that looks like this.

(AL      CH) 

When these are on they appear.They will disappear when disabled. 

I did mention that they were tiny. If you’re farsighted like I am, you’ll see them as glowing dots with the backlight on. The left blurry dot is the alarm, and the right blurry dot is the chime!

To set the alarm:

  1. Push (3) “Mode” once.
  2. Push (2) “Reset” once. The hour will blink.
  3. Push (1) “Start” until the hour you desire is displayed.
  4. Push (2) “Reset” again. The minute will blink.
  5. Push (1) “Start” until the minute you desire is displayed.
  6. Push (2) “Reset” one last time, and you’re set!

To turn on the backlight:

You are the god of your Gear. Announce, “Let there be light!” and push the (4) “Light” button that hangs out at the 10 o’clock hour on your watch’s face. That’s the only function of this special little button. (The announcement is optional but recommended for full badass effect!)

A few extra notes:

Moisture is no joke in the world of watches! If you notice fog or water droplets inside of your watch under the glass, send it in to be serviced immediately. It’s a timepiece emergency! Liquid has become trapped within the mechanisms and will begin rusting intricate internal parts. Our warranty does not cover extensive damage from negligent long term exposure to internal moisture. So act fast before time runs out for your watch’s life-time guarantee to be saved!

To prevent this from happening:

  • Avoid using buttons when the timepiece is wet or underwater. This action could push water inside.
  • Clean the watch with water and use a soft cloth or toothbrush only.
  • Protect your watch against contact with chemicals. This includes soap and your cologne. They can deteriorate the seals that prevent water from entering the watch, reducing its water resistance.
Now that you know how to take care of your Gear’d Hardware, we want to hear from you! Did you find these directions helpful? If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us here.