It is our mission to make the best quality watches possible. We want our entire Gear'd Head community to be able to share that mutual appreciation for high quality and reasonably priced products. 

That is why every Gear’d Hardware watch comes with a no-hassle, no-rhetoric lifetime warranty, we do have to have some guidelines though because some people like to think that means a new free watch every time theirs has a scratch.

When you spend your hard-earned money on our products, you can do so with confidence knowing that your gear will always be fully-functional and defect-free. You can also be rest assured that we will do everything in our power to keep your product in use and out of a landfill.



If any part of your Gear’d Hardware product becomes non-functioning or defective, we will repair or replace it with a fully-functioning item in the same or better condition.

Note the "non-functioning or defective" part. This means that the warranty does not cover cosmetic wear that does not affect the safety or function of your product. The warranty also does NOT apply to watch bands and straps. In our opinion, a little scratch or knick here and there is nothing more than bragging rights that you've been having some fun with your gear. If something breaks due to manufacturer defect under normal use, don’t worry one bit. We’re behind you all the way.



We've built our reputation on building high-quality gear and offering the best customer service out there, so we're not going to nickel-and-dime you out of a warranty with a bunch of silly exceptions. That said, please don't interpret our lifetime guarantee as a license to misuse, neglect, or intentionally destroy your GH gear. We reserve the right to not replace a watch that you poured concrete in, put a bullet through, a watch strap that your toaster melted, and so forth. Proof of purchase is required with ALL warranty repair work. Continued repairs of the same problem are also subject to refusal after an initial repair, if you break the transmission in your car every time you turn your boost up past 35lbs does your shop fix it for free after you do it every single week? - Probably not and neither do we.



We have designed and built our products to work well with nearly every lifestyle activity, and we believe our gear is very safe to use. Gear’d Hardware is not liable for damage to your equipment, clothing or anything in your surrounding environment as a result of using them. Gear’d Hardware is also not liable for bodily injury to yourself or others as a result of using our stuff. So, don’t listen to your mother, but be careful and use your head when you’re out there having fun.



Please email us at or call us at 727-475-2441. You will then be contacted by a service representative within 24-48 hours (Monday - Friday) with further instructions. We are out doing cool shit on Saturday and Sunday. Follow us on social to keep up with us at

Once we get your watch, please allow up to 25 business days to complete the repair process. Some repairs are completed sooner than others. Our service representatives will send you an email notification when your package is ready to be shipped back.