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Disappointed after loving it at first

Got the juggernaut and loved the look the feel everything about it.
Wore it every day and it withstood all the daily demands. Unfortunately the strap ripped after 6 months but wrote to customer service and it was replaced. Unfortunately the same type of strap ripped again and this time was promised a replacement and 6-7 months on it never arrived. The light now doesn’t work which means when I am coaching at night I can not use the watch then. So unfortunately as much as I love the design of the watch I don’t currently wear it and have had to buy another watch instead.

As expected

I received my watch with a slight delay caused by the local postal service. This is my second Gear'd watch and it is everything I expected: a beautiful design, solid case, comfortable on the wrist. Love it.


This watch is badass! I'm stoked I finally pulled the trigger on it. Not sure I'll be any help since I will not be telling anyone where I purchased it. Because I want to be the only one around here with this killer watch. Selfish move I know but I also dgaf. Sorry fellas. You make badass shit that I plan on keeping for myself.


Love the watch, bt the stainless watch band is poorly designed. Pops open all the time.


Jagernaut green camo, black w/Red stitching carbon fiber

BLK Dassary Leather Band

Incredibly Cool! I replaced the band on my McQueen watch with this one & it literally looks and feels like a new watch. Way more compliments and looks with this band. Diggin' it !!

Nice feel, good materials.

My only critique is that the part of the band with the holes could be about 1/4-1/2 inch longer. I have a large arm and need a nice band, like the barbell one!I'm still giving it 5 stars!

We haven't received it yet.


I have received so many good compliments about my watch. Love it

Well I was wrong.....

Thought my favorites were the big bold faces like the Juggernaut, Stealth, or Rambo....don’t get me wrong the McQueen is a great color
combo (OK, I have a few Gear’d watches)....but the Tank quickly became my favorite!



Like I said xpected! Excellence!! Absolutely love the watch and as usual it looks Bad Ass while Djing !!


Love this watch!
This is my third Gear’d Hardware watch ! The blue dial and red band have already been complemented by many today! Can’t go wrong with these watches as they are stylish and very rugged. I’ll definitely be back for more back for more! #timetogrind


Great watch. Many have commented on it and I have only had it 3 weeks.

the sniper

badass watch! love the weight and details!

Great watch

Its a great looking watch and it keeps great time. I have a lot of high end watches, this McQueen watch is just beautiful.


Watch is very nice.Looks good and fits very well.Thanks for an excellent product.

Awesome Watch

Love this watch. Rugged and tough yet stylish and great looking. Love the carbon fiber band.


Super clean styling. Feels like a tank in a very good way. Very well built. Pro 2a company!

Perfectly Advertised

The watches were gifts and I was pleased with the quality. Well done. So often the purchased item is over sold in the adds.

Jeremy C

I have now purchased 4 watches from you and I love the quality & the customer service this company provides. Very durable and can take a beating.


Awesome watch. Love it.

4th Grear’d Watch.....

Love the watch, big and bold just as awesome as the other 3 models...just wish the band (this time around got the silicon band) was a bit wider.

Great Watch.

Totally loving this watch. So rugged but yet stylish.


Great quality! Really enjoy the look and function of the watch. Great communication throughout the entire process order to delivery!

Thank you Gary! Appreciate the good words!