A Man’s Guide to Busting Boredom During Self Quarantine

The hardest part about self quarantine, isolation, and social distancing for the coronavirus (Covid 19) is being unable to do the things we love. You need to keep your mind engaged and your body doing something. Find out where you can learn new skills, and discover awesome projects to try out. Get moving without exercise equipment or videos, and learn what app serves up the best eye candy just for men.

With so many blogs out there, few of them cater to the needs of men… Men who don’t do yoga... Men who don’t want to sit around to “just breathe.” 

If you can relate, then continue reading. I’ve made a list of boredom busters to keep guys like you going during the lockdown. 

Explore and Then Do Cool Shit

Educating yourself is a great way of passing the time, especially when it leads to doing something awesome. Whether you are trying to escape boredom or prepare for the zombie apocalypse, ManMadeDIY has it covered. 

Check this site out to find ideas about everything from mixed drinks to woodworking. They even have some fun experiments like charging your phone with a 9V battery… try them at your own risk!

Get Moving

I’m not a gym bro, but the thrill of picking up heavy things and testing myself is something I enjoy. At home workouts with milk jugs and resistance bands isn’t satisfying. If you’re like me, you don’t feel motivated without purpose. So try these ideas instead:

  • Rearrange your furniture. Throwing out that old couch or moving your bed can give you the exercise you desire and the satisfaction of being productive. 

  • Make it fun! Who needs routine? Do 10 pushups, situps, or pull ups every time you read a new update. If you’re really up for a challenge, jump on it every time a commercial airs. Make up your own rules. Feel the burn.

  • Turn that cluttered room into the man cave of your dreams. You probably have all the stuff you need. Now get it fucking done!

Eye Candy for Men

Although it’s best to stay away from screens whenever you can, after a long day, sometimes we need to sit back and relax. With most social media being littered with Covid 19 subjects, it’s hard to do that peacefully. 

DudePins comes to the rescue with a Pinterest-like platform that only a man could love. Immerse yourself in entertainment and informative content made just for us.

Upgrade Your Face

Instead of looking at your phone, why not look in the damn mirror? That beard or ‘stache could be better. Has your stubble grown a life of its own? That shit needs to be tamed! 

Why not practice your skills and come out of this crisis looking better than ever? 

If you like a smooth jawline, Sharpologist has a bunch of tutorials and tips to get you started. But if you prefer growing a glorious mane around your chin, check out The Beard Blog.


Whether you need to rock it out to some music, dance when no one is watching, play games, or pick up gardening, whatever works for you is the best course of action. Do something you’re passionate about, and you can’t go wrong. 

These times have certainly been trying; however, they are not permanent. We will get through it. My hope is that we will come out of this better in some way. 

Try out one or all of these ideas. Be sure to let us know what else you come up with in the comments below!