Featured Badass Series: #2 The Dentist

This month we are featuring our Rambo watch model. To compliment this sentiment, we have chosen to highlight a badass man in history who could make Sylvester Stalone look like Martha Stewart. But it’s Labor Day weekend, so that badass has to be a regular worker too. 

Meet Benjamin Salomon, an ordinary American dentist in 1940…

Yes, you read that right. Ben was a badass dentist. Trust us!

When he was drafted by the military in World War II, he served in the Dental Corps and quickly rose in rank to Captain. While in service, he expanded upon his expertise from just the teeth to the whole head and body as a Front Line Surgeon. Oh yes, he was a man of many talents.

One day, this dentist did something that very few people could ever do. He didn’t only save people with his medical prowess but with the heart of a warrior, the likes of which can only be compared to Rambo!

It all started when a battalion surgeon was wounded while stationed at Marianas Island. Captain Benjamin Salomon offered to fill in until another surgeon officially took over the position.

On July 7, 1944, while Ben worked in a field hospital tent, the Japanese began the Battle of Saipon and attacked where he was stationed. Their soldiers were ordered to kill 10 Americans each before taking their own lives. 

The first attack came. A single Japanese soldier busted in and used a bayonet on wounded patients who were lined up to be seen by the field surgeon.

So Benjamin shot him and continued to work on his patient.

But the Japanese soldiers would not let Benjamin work in peace! Two more soldiers busted in. So he clubbed them both, stabbed one with a bayonet, and shot the other. By now, I’m sure his patience was getting low because four enemy soldiers were now crawling under the tent.

Benjamin shot one, killed one with a bayonet, knifed another, and then headbutted the fourth. Could you imagine your dentist being able to do this? And he wasn’t even finished!

He ordered the medics and wounded to make an escape while he picked up a machine gun. I failed to mention that this dentist became a Top-Tier Machine Gunner and the Sergeant of a machine gunner team before being forced by the military to join the Dental Corps. Oops, sorry about that.  

Well, let’s just say, those enemies were fucked.

We don’t know what exactly happened after that point. The attack was relentless, and they lost contact with Benjamin for 15 hours. When they arrived at the scene, Captain Salomon was found dead, but so were 98 Japanese soldiers surrounding him and the tent. 

This badass dentist had 76 bullet and bayonet wounds on his body. An autopsy showed that he experienced at least 24 of those wounds while still alive and kicking ass. There were four trails of his blood, indicating that he was changing positions with his machine gun and continued to fight while bleeding out. And even after his last breath, his finger remained on that trigger.

At first, his Medal of Honor was rejected because medical personnel weren’t allowed to carry or use weapons as stated by the Geneva Convention. With the combined efforts of Captain Edmunds J. Love and Dr. Robert West, Captain Salomon was finally approved. After 58 years, Ben was awarded the Medal of Honor, and Dr. Robert West had the honor of accepting it for him in 2002.

Rest in peace Benjamin Salomon, you were a real-life action hero; the first and probably last dentist to ever receive the Medal of Honor.

The moral of this story is, respect your fellow worker! They could be one of the most badass motherfuckers you’ve ever met! Happy Labor Day Weekend, Gear’d Heads!