What Does Your Watch Strap Say About You?

Gear’d Hardware consistently strives to offer you options that help you to express your love for life and badass accessories. The watch you choose to wear on your arm tells its own story about who you are and what you want to represent. The perfect timepiece speaks an unspoken language of style and personality. 

Just for fun, we have collected a list of our straps, and what they might say about you. Read on to find out what your choices reveal to others! This could also act as a buyers guide for those who can’t decide which strap is best for that special someone in their life.

1. The Minimalist

You’re the kinda guy who likes to keep it simple. Clutter and unnecessary gadgetry is a nightmare. Who needs all that stuff? Not you! You like looking good with contrasting color combinations or neutral tones and the bare basics. Killin' it with bold and clean sophistication brings you just the right amount of attention and commands authority. 

If this sounds like you, our black silicone band is the best choice. It fits like a glove around every wrist with its seamless, soft rubber texture. If you prefer leather, try our all black carbon fiber leather strap. Pair it with the Panther or the Stealth for the minimalist’s dream combination.

2. The Classical Traditionalist

Sophistication runs through your veins and you ooze gentlemanly vibes. The fashion accessories you choose must convey the same elegance and aristocracy that you do. Even James Bond needs life shaken up...not stirred. Your need for a truly masculine accessory draws you to the Gear’d Hardware collection for your timepiece pleasures.

If you resonate with this description, our black and silver stainless steel bracelets will be your cup of tea. For your convenience, we include the tools you need to remove a link or two to fit your unique wrist size. Want something that fits snuggly but still strikes a cord as a high class chronograph? Try our adjustable steel mesh bands. Pair one of these smashing straps with the McQueen to complete this perfect classical look with a durable build you can count on.

3. The Maximalist

If you don’t go big and bold, it just isn’t you. Loud and proud statements are your game. Your fashion sense screams, “LOOK AT ME!” When you enter a room, people better stop and take notice. So if a watch doesn’t get enough attention, it isn’t worth a damn. You need a timepiece that turns heads and earns compliments everywhere you go. You need some gear that can keep up with your phenomenal flair.

If this matches your personality, you’re in luck. We have a wide variety of straps for every creed or need. We suggest that you check out the black silicone with dumbbells, the carbon fiber leather band with red stitching, and the red camo silicone band. Pair them with any one of our bold models for a unique and eye catching accessory that is sure to fire up conversations. Why not collect them all to match every mood?

4. The Gearhead 

The wheels in your head spin just as fast as your tires. If it’s mechanical or technical, it has your attention. Power, speed, and design are your primary objectives. Can you take it apart and put it back together without “extra pieces?” While you’re solving problems and creating solutions to complex machinery or code, you want to have a reliable watch to keep you on time and in control.  

Thinking and building something is hard work, and most of the time, it’s in conditions that are hot and uncomfortable. If you’re a gearhead, you probably sweat a lot. That’s why Nato straps are the best choice for your lifestyle. Their material is breathable and soft, leaving your wrist dry and comfortable all day long. These bands are not only a popular choice but one of our most affordable options, offering a set of four for the price of one of our other straps! Pair it with the Juggernaut and you’ll have yourself a fine looking mechanical masterpiece on your arm.

5. The Adventurous Survivalist

When shit hits the fan everyone turns to you. Well stocked with food and toiletries, as well as artillery and tactical kits, you are prepared for anything, including government collapse and the occasional zombie apocalypse. If the world ends as we know it, you’ll be ready to bug out and live off the grid in perfect harmony with nature. Your head (and social media) is filled with the know how to stand on your own come hell or high water. But what would a survivalist like you be without a reliable and durable wristwatch? Have no fear, we have you covered!

You need something tough but practical that reflects your dedication to the cause. Whether you’re a hunter or a military veteran, you’ll enjoy our dassari leather cuff or silicone green camo band. Don’t miss out on our uniformed personnel special 15% discount which includes military, government, and emergency responders.


Thank you for reading! Did you find yourself on our list? We hope that you enjoyed this strap personality blog post. For more badass articles, browse through our blog.