In 2018, Don’t Be Afraid to Offend Anyone

In 2018, Don’t Be Afraid to Offend Anyone


What’s up Gear’d Heads? Does this sound familiar, you're at dinner (maybe a dreaded double date with some couple only your lady seems to like) you crack a joke, and you're met with awkward silence and a condescending, “you really shouldn’t say that.”

Let's assume it wasn't anything too crazy, maybe just a crass joke, and the whole mood of the night is ruined, and you're looked at as the bad guy. Let me tell you, if I had a dollar for every time that I've offended someone, I wouldn't need Gear’d Watches, and I'd be on a private island with only my bike, car, and a decent power rack to keep me company.

We live in weird times right now, and people will find a reason to get offended by absolutely anything these days. As a badass man, you shouldn’t worry about pissing anyone off. I mean, shit, I probably piss people off when I walk in the room sometimes.

People might even get offended at the way you dress because you don’t fit in their perfect box of how a man should dress. Whatever the case is, own everything you say and say it with purpose, not giving a rat’s ass what anybody thinks. When people tell you that a badass stainless steel watch isn’t appropriate for the occasion, ignore them and show it off anyways. You are the captain and the boss of your life and to reach your goals, you can’t stress about the people that you’ll inevitably piss off. 

So go ahead, tell people exactly what the hell is on your mind. Wear whatever the hell you want (hopefully it’s a badass Gear’d Hardware watch) and live your life the way the universe intended—on your own terms!

Until next time, Gear’d Heads,

Kris Cram

Gear'd Hardware - Founder and President

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