How to Maintain Your Gear’d Watch

How to Maintain Your Gear’d Watch


A watch can be among a man’s most prized possessions along with cars, bikes, and guns. If you’re like me, you wear your badass watch everywhere at all times to make sure that you’re on time. I wear my watch when I’m elbow deep in an engine bay, sweating through a set of deadlifts, and even at community events. Gear’d watches are built tough and made to handle whatever your life throws at it. That being said, any watch is bound to get a little scuffed, dirty, or grimy over time so you need to do a couple of things to make sure it's looking clean.

 Give It a Good Wipe Down

When elbow deep in an engine bay, you’re going to end up with some grease and grime on your watch. Whenever you’re working, we recommend that you wipe the watch down with a damp rag to get rid of the surface dirt and all that nasty nonsense to make sure that your watch is clean and ready to go.

Get into the Nooks and Crannies

You’d be surprised how much nasty gunk can hide in between the lugs and the watch strap. You can buy speciality watch cleaners to get into the small areas, but we've found that soap and warm water work just as well. Just be careful not to get any water inside the case or battery compartment.

With all of these tips in mind, if you wanna walk around like a badass with all of the dirt sweat and grime to show for it, let your watch age naturally. Gear’d watches are built tough and can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse. And as always, if anything ever goes wrong with your Gear’d watch, we’d be more than happy to repair it for you at no cost if under the two-year warranty. We want you to stay Gear’d up at all times, so we make sure to offer quick turnarounds. 

Until next time, Gear’d Heads,

Matthew Lane

Blogger / Community Manager

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