Making the Right Lifestyle Choices to Have a Badass Life.

Making the Right Lifestyle Choices to Have a Badass Life.

In today’s world, we live in, it is so undeniably easy to get yourself stuck in a metaphorical “rut”.  Doesn’t matter if you are referring to your fitness lifestyle, your business hustle, your social life, or all of the above for that matter. 

            Being a company where time is literally everything to us, not just in our business life but also in our personal life. I want to go through and share the things that make my life tick and hopefully can help you in your physical health, mental health, and feel like the badass you should, cause that’s what we’re here for. 

            Stuck in the same spot with your job and its draining your mental well being? Number one when it comes to living like a boss, it’s all about time management strategies and being productive. I absolutely hate hearing people who complain that they “worked a 14 hour day”. Listen, some jobs do require that kind of full-on commitment. Doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, and so on, when you’re on the clock its time to grind and when you’re off duty its time to sleep. However, in the business and professional world, you have a problem if you are putting in that much time and not getting anywhere. Ever heard the quote “there is just not enough time in a day”? Hate to say it but that’s a lifestyle problem and if you don’t catch it sooner than later you’ll drown in your own bullshit. The problem is you suck at time management in dedicating time to knock out your most important tasks when they need to be done first before moving onto the smaller less important items. The other side of this problem is also productivity. Now I get it, we live in a world of distraction after distraction, but you have to be able to put the nonsense down before it creates a real problem. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tinder, youtube, they are great tools for what they are meant for, but they can also be pitfalls for those that can't afford the loss in productivity. Step number 1 to being successful is planning out your goals and allocate time for what needs the time, you'll be pleasantly surprised that the small time taken to do so ends up greatly increasing your free time. In case you were wondering this is why all of our watches have an alarm as well as an hourly chime function. It's easy to get running hard and not realize how much you time you spend on something, that’s where the Zx1-1116 and Zx1-1219 are badass watches because they can keep you on pace as you need to be. Step number 2 is to a productive mother fucker. Don’t feed into the distractions and you’ll be surprised how much more energy you have for other things.

             Breaking the gym plateau. We all been there before. You have been busting your ass for months at a time and noticed some gains. Shirts fitting tighter in the arms, jeans a little looser in the waist, the blonde that’s always doing lunges noticed you, hey I been there a few times. Doesn’t matter if you are into bodybuilding, or powerlifting, or just working out to be healthy. It’s easy to feel like progress stalls sometimes, and the truth is it really does. This is the point where you really just have to keep on grinding. By this point in time, you should know your limits and what you can physically do, so it's at this time you have to start pushing that envelope. Just because you came in and squatted 315 for 15 the past 6 weeks doesn’t mean that’s as good as you’re going to get in life. You have to kick up your mental game and increase things to another level. Facts of life are this, nothing ever stays the same, ever. You either get better every day or you get worse. Truth is if you’re busting ass you won't get worse so you have to push through the glass ceiling and either increase your reps, your sets or increase your weight. Now sometimes it's easier said than done as there are more factors involved simply than just pushing your limits.

             You need to make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. You would be surprised by the impact that this can have on all aspects of your life. Being able to shut things down and get some actual rest is critical to making gains in any aspect of your life. You ever saw somebody who sleeps for one hour per night and still kicks ass in life the next day for an entire month? Didn’t think so. If you need to set the alarm on your watch to tell your ass to go to bed, then that’s what you gotta do! Sleep is crucial for everything, especially for your brain to work the way it needs to. When you have to make a split second decision to either buy or sell a stock, you need your head clear and firing on all 8 cylinders. Same goes in a high-end meeting when the pressure is on to close a deal, you’re no good if you only got an hour of sleep and all you're thinking about is your memory foam at home. Keeping your mental health a priority should be just as much of a priority as to keeping your physical health, and your gains. After all, you can't take over the world if you can't do basic math.

            Now the last point of our discussion, keeping your social life on the come up. We all have heard the quote before that you are the company you keep. That saying is 100% true. To really become a successful networker, businessman, athlete, shot caller, etc, you can't be afraid to expand your horizons in the company you keep. It is all too often we get stuck in social ruts surrounding ourselves with people that are of course like minded but are too much the same as ourselves. If you want to make gains socially you have to work in with people of vastly different backgrounds than yourself. If you are a super avid gym goer and your life is all about fitness, make friends with someone who is all about setting I.T. databases and computer networking. If you are a major car guy and only talk to car guys, make friends with somebody who is all about trucks. The more diversified your circle of relationships becomes, the more open your mind becomes to thinking of greater ideas and bigger plans. Whether it be an idea about a new business or a new way of doing something, the more diverse your social circle becomes the greater you can further yourself.  We all can often times get caught up within our own circles because its so easy to get stuck within group speak, where everyone is always in agreement with one another and no one is bringing a different viewpoint to the table. To make social gains you can't be afraid to reach out and talk to people who are into different things than you. After all, a day where you don’t learn something is a day that was wasted.

            What everything really boils down to if you want to be a boss you can't be afraid to make changes. Not just surface level things, but really analyze what are your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize the things that you are good at and absolutely own them, make the strong points even stronger. Become the most badass one in the room when it comes to utilizing your strong points. It is also important to recognize what your weak points are and to be honest with yourself on how to improve them. Not dwelling on them, but realizing how you can get better at them because the truth is you will never be able to turn a weakness into a strength. The ultimate goal for it to be making constant improvements on a regular basis on all fronts.

             Growing up playing football I had one coach who was always good with quotes to end the day, one that has always stuck with me for whatever reason goes as such.” If you want something, then go and get it. If you’re bad enough, then go and take it.” Which one are you gonna do?


Until next time, Gear’d Heads,

Kris Cram

Gear'd Hardware - Founder and President

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