Meet My Swole CEO Mobile

Big. Fast? Loud. Comfortable?

There is just something about a car being something that it’s not supposed to that I will always love. Whether it's a swole up four door that can make 10 second passes, or an LS swapped import breaking all the limits, it is a underestimated and overlooked hustler. Ultimately, it is what's on the inside that counts. 
My 300C SRT8 fits the contrarian mold to a tee. It is a muscle-bound warrior in a buttoned-up suit and tie. The 300 was meant to be a platform of cars that would rival the top end quality German makers for the luxury sedan market, and it has all of that, with just the right touch of badass straight outta Detroit. 
As soon as you get inside and see the AFR gauges and boost gauges on the A-pillar, you know that something is way different with this car. What can I say — I believe in building things that have way more power than they may need.  
Hit the key, and all the digital gauges illuminate to life, with a strong, powerful, ground-shaking rumble coming out of the stainless steel exhaust. 
Once initial shock settles down, you can start to hear the automatic whine of the supercharger bringing in air to feed the bored and stroked 426 Hemi. 
From the outside, the car looks like its ready to fit in at a business meeting and talk about sales forecasts. But with that engine running, the sound its making says,"watch this — I'm about to spin these tires like a clock and leave you in a cloud of smoke".
I love this car because of its mix of modern day and old school technology, and unique place on the road — it’s definitely not something you going to see every day. This car gives me yet another way to stand out from the rest of them. 
What wheels you got? Let me know below. Share the story of your V8 monster and maybe I will send you Gear to go rep your lifestyle. 
Time to Grind! 
Kris Cram
Fellow Gear'd Head
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