Big, Loud, and Proud: Having a Blast with Guns


There's nothing quite like taking a .44 Magnum or my personal favorite, The Judge, out to the range for a day of blasting bottles, targets— or really anything I’d like to see obliterated into a thousand pieces.

Many are deterred from larger, more powerful guns because they aren’t comfortable holding something so badass and hefty. Their grip isn’t strong enough to hold on, they’re forearms can’t raise the gun steady while they aim, and their little ears can’t handle the thunderous boom of a high-caliber bullet.

Not me.

One of my greatest passions in life (aside from producing badass men’s watches), is going out whenever I have the time to fire off a few hundred slugs at targets that unfortunately found themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Those aspects of shooting that intimidate weaker-minded people are my favorite parts. The loud bang of the gun actually helps relax me, and the challenge of leveling as many targets as possible gives me something new to focus on so I can leave the stresses of the office behind.

In today's modern political climate, shooting big, powerful guns is often looked down upon by many, and responsible gun owners like myself are left vilified by sorry-ass skinny "men" that have never had the opportunity even to hold a gun in their hands.

 It’s all about being responsible, and most importantly, living your life how you see fit, with guts, glory, and a whole lot of attitude. Yeah, I know when people see my tricked-out ride, my earth-shattering swole physique, and huge guns that I can seem intimidating. To them I say, You're damn right! I embrace this lifestyle, and if anyone doesn't like it, they can go elsewhere.

Style. Attitude. Substance.

 Live your life according to those three pillars, and you'll have a life worth bragging about.

 What are you packing? I want to know what fellow Gear'd Heads are rocking in their arsenal and who knows, I may even send you some Gear…


Kris Cram


Fellow Gear'd Head

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