New Gear For Your Wrist: The Sharpshooter Watch

A new Gear'd Hardware watch has debuted! 

Our Founder and President Kris Cram named it the Sharpshooter because it reminds him of the scope of a rifle with its crosshairs aimed at a clear blue sky.

This watch is special because it has a story.

For Kris, his firearms represent freedom – the freedom that the American Constitution grants its citizens...the freedom that can only be felt when you live life the way you want to.

Guns have always held a place in his home and heart, beginning with his very first Airsoft Rifle, then onto his first Glock 19, and finally, his first custom built AR.

One firearm became many and steadily grew to be an impressive collection.

The Lesson

Kris knew the value of time and through mastering himself, he succeeded in mastering these instruments of security and protection. After dedicating countless hours to not only shooting but crafting his own guns, now he is truly prepared for anything!

The one thing that Kris loves more than guns is his girlfriend. (We all know what hell he would go through if that wasn’t said!) Besides the lovely lady, Kris loves the power of time. When your time is harnessed, you can achieve anything.

That’s why Gear’d Hardware isn’t just a company about watches, we are about life and living it to the fullest.

When you wear the Sharpshooter, we hope that you will not only feel great, but that it will also serve as a reminder that using your time wisely is the true key to success.

Carve your path today.

Not ready yet?

Well, then. Let me tell you a little more.

The Sharpshooter Watch Details

The Sharpshooter has a durable black and silver stainless steel body and a strong sapphire crystal protects its checker-textured blue face. The Miyota Automatic movement inside keeps your watch ticking on, even when you're tuckered out. 
Remember! All of our timepieces aren’t just built in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty, they are built to keep up with the rough, tough, and dirty jobs that pretty little watches can’t handle. We make em big, bold, and beautiful to match your loud, proud, and devilishly daring personality.

If the Sharpshooter isn't your style but you want a watch that can keep up with your rugged lifestyle, take a look at our other incredible designs!