How To Grow Your Own Bowie


As the season is right, we decided to grow our bowie. Everyone needs at least two.  We decided to grow Gil Hibben Expendables bowie knife variety. We are pleased with the outcome and wish you all the luck growing your bowie. #TimeToGrind.
Needed Tools:
1. Zx1-1219 Gear'd Hardware watch for badassness.
2. Standard military grade tactical knife. Cold Steel knife was used. 
List of Ingredients:
1. Heavy duty trimming blades. 
2. 24 gauge shotgun shells (discard the casing) - NSI MiniBucks S481190 was used. 
3. 7.62 x 39 riffle bullet (whole) - Red Army Standard AM 2031 was used.
4. Mitchers Kentucky Straight Rye 
1. Dig a hole. 
2. Drop the razor.
3. Open the 24 gauge shell and drop the buck shots into the hole. 
4. Add the gun-powder and the casing of the 39mm bullet.
5. Fertilize and give your bowie strength with straight Rye. 
6. Give it time and love. 
7. Cut the end of the blade and deep clean the bowie. 
You now are a proud owner of your own badass knife. Enjoy. 
Kris Cram
Be on the lookout for my next blog post: Let's Kick 2018's Ass, Gear'd Heads.