Let’s Kick 2018’s Ass, Gear Heads!

Let’s Kick 2018’s Ass, Gear Heads!

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If you’ve read any of our blogs in the past, you’ve probably heard us throw around the term “Gear Head” before. We use this term as a way of distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the sheep. You know that guy you work with that drives a hybrid, eats doughnuts every day, hasn’t lifted a dumbbell in his life, and squirms at the thought of riding in a fast car? Yea, he isn’t what I’m talking about.

Being a Gear Head is a way of life. It means loving what you do and grabbing life by the balls, telling it who’s boss and tackling every day. It’s about knowing your way around a garage and even if you don’t, at least pretending to.

When you pick up a Gear’d watch, you can immediately get a sense of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the design and fabrication process. We want every single one of our watches to be a part of the Gear Head that wears it.

Whatever you do, whether you're a bodybuilder or powerlifter, a bike guy or a car guy; whether you work in a corporate office or work in construction, everyone from different backgrounds can all agree, the Gear Head life is the best way to live and settling for anything less is a travesty.

2017 was an excellent year for us, and I couldn't have been prouder of this dream of owning a tactical watch brand coming to life. I hope you look back on 2017 with the same sense of pride in your accomplishments. That being said, we shouldn't spend too much time on nostalgia. 2018 is here, and it's time to bust into the New Year like a 45 slug to a watermelon.

Get going on your goals and don’t even think about making any excuses.


To a Kick-Ass 2018,


Kris Cram

CEO and Founder

Fellow Gear Head


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