There is just something that has to be said when you build something the right way. When you're done and then take that first step back to admire your craftsmanship.
The more difficult the job, the more satisfying the finished product. 
Anyone who has ever ripped apart an ultra-high horsepower boosted racing engine. Or stripped down a fully spec'd out Ar-15 or even better an M249 (for the marines out there). Even throwing around a massive amount of weight in the gym.
Doing something that your passionate and creating something out of nothing with your bare-hands is the ultimate glory.  Just talking about it gets me all pumped up!
Too many people these days want to rely on others to do it for them. Personally, I hate watching someone else turn a wrench under the hood of my ride, or pull my weights up off me before I need it. 
The struggle is what creates strength. Venturing into the depths of the unknown and coming back out a master is what makes a badass.  
If you don't finish a project and get that feeling of satisfaction then you ain't doing it right!

Kris Cram
Gear'd Hardware - Founder and President
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