Is Bigger Always Better? How to Choose the Right Size Watch for Your Style

Is Bigger Always Better? How to Choose the Right Size Watch for Your Style


Big face watches VS Little skinny watches

We all know that guy with the little watch. It looks like his wrist is practically eating it whole and what's left is just a thin little bracelet looking thing that he might have scavenged from his grandma's jewelry box. We also know that guy that has a ginormous timepiece that looks like it's straight from a cereal box. Can you say "Compensating, much?"

I know we talk a lot about shooting big guns, having big muscles and generally living a bigger lifestyle around here on the blog, but when it comes to choosing a new watch, bigger isn't always better (shocker).

Finding the perfect size watch can be easy for some and challenging for others. These are the things I look for when trying to choose the right size watch:

Case thickness

Too thick and the watch looks like it’s about to pop off of the wrist; too thin and it looks like a bracelet. It’s all about finding that sweet spot in between.


You don't want your watch to take over your entire wrist, but it can't look like you taped a quarter to your wrist either. Find that nice sweet spot, and you should be good. Generally, men's watches will range from 38mm all the way to 60mm for the larger than life NBA players. Once you find a watch, you like the look of, measure it and remember that number for life.


The lugs of a watch are the points where the strap meets the case. It’s basically a measurement of how wide or thin the strap connection points are. When picking your watch, you want to make sure that there isn’t a lot of wrist showing around the face of the watch and the strap should be proportional to the face.

The right sized watch will be different for everyone. It's all about finding what works for you and remaining unique. Keep in mind that Gear'd Watches tend to be on the large side of the spectrum so limp wrists need not apply. That does it for this post, until next time!


Kris Cram


Fellow Gear’d Head

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