Watches and Modern “Fashion”

Watches and Modern “Fashion”

Biker with Zx1-1116 Gear'd Hardware

When you see a Gear’d watch or one of our 'models,' you might notice that our ideas of fashion are a little bit different than what the mainstream culture might dictate.

While others on the market are seeking to make the shiniest, most fashionable watches out there, we build Gear’d watches with a purpose. “What purpose?” you might ask. Well, it comes down to four words:

To Kick F*ckin ASS!

That's right. You probably won't see Gear'd watches on the wrist of your wife's favorite pretty boy actor, but you will see them on the wrists of men all around the globe that wear pants that fit right, shirts with rips from manual labor, and work boots practically designed for stomping pansies worldwide.

You see, at Gear'd Hardware, we have a few different ideas about fashion that you won't see on red carpets, or Hollywood award shows or galas (whatever the hell that means). Personally, all I need to feel "fashionable" is a t-shirt that fits good enough to show off my hard work in the gym (sleeves optional), a good old pair of jeans, some comfortable shoes to keep up with me during my hectic day-to-day lifestyle, and of course, a crisp flat billed hat.

That’s it! Throw a badass Gear’d watch on my wrist to make sure I’m using my time wisely and I’m good to go!

The point of this whole rant is that you shouldn’t ever let what’s in season or what the latest actors are wearing decide how you want to look. You didn’t find yourself on this website because you’re another sheep in the herd. You work hard to make a name for yourself, so why not dress and live exactly the way that you feel?

Live life the way you want and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Until next time, Gear Heads,

Kris Cram


Fellow Gear’d Head


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