On My Iron Horse, The Open Road Calls My Name


Whenever the pressures of running a company or even just everyday stresses start to get overwhelming, I hop on my bike, and I just ride. With no destination in mind, I ride for as long as it takes to clear my mind, refocus on my goals, and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

The freedom and thrill of riding a badass piece of steel like my bike beat out any hot yoga, meditating, or other Zen bullsh*t that these new-age gurus recommend. In my mind, all I need to relax is the sight of white lane lines zipping under my front wheel, the smell of burning gasoline, and the rush of wind in my face.

On a bike, you can go anywhere. Motorcycles are more fuel efficient than cars, meaning you can go for longer, too. If you have a dual-sport bike, you aren't even limited to the pavement, and you can cross over into the foothills or desert. Motorcycles offer a unique form of freedom not found in even the fastest sports cars. Although I do love my 300C SRT8, when driving, I’m only a passive observer of the world around me. On a bike, I am in the world around me, exposed to the elements and absorbed into the scenery. 

When starting Gear’d Watches, we envisioned them on the wrist of riders across the country. From busy metropolitan freeways to the open road; when time seems to come to a standstill, you need a reliable watch to help you snap out of the trance. Our watches are built to handle the elements—rain or shine. Just like tough riders, Gear’d watches can take a few bumps along the way and come out standing just as strong.

What do you like to ride? Are you a fan of tried and true American bikes or are you more of an import person? Let me know below, and I may send out some free Gear to my favorite response.


Kris Cram


Fellow Gear'd Head

Be on the lookout for my next blog post: What to Look for in a High-Quality Watch.